Bentley GT Speed Elegance

Bentley GT Speed Elegance front

Traditionally, the fact that all Bentley models are in the finest category of automobiles is the matter of course. Willingness to improve this vehicle by "appropriate action" requires a complete self-confidence. As can be seen from the outcomes, that condition is by no means out of thin air.

And the company ANDERSON GERMANY, known for its bold solutions, headquartered in Dusseldorf, has been justifiably trusted again to awake a Bentley GT Speed Elegance edition and at the same time to make it a vehicle with unlimited possibilities for prestige improvements.

Outwardly, the carbon motor bonnet goes with the almost obligatory air intakes and the deck lid from the same-grade material is less visible. This exclusive body kit from ANDERSON GERMANY consists of a front apron, a set of side skirts and a rear skirt. And owing to LED daytime running lights, the risk to "overlook" this Bentley tends to zero. Due to its exclusivity, this body kit is limited to 150 pieces worldwide.

The vehicle already equipped with 610 hp engine has been improved through software optimization,

a modified air filter and an exhaust system with additional Rennkats� 85 hp, whereby 695 hp and a dizzying torque are available now. The remote-controlled valve controlling the exhaust can operate in three noise levels. Incidentally, only the modified exhaust system saves up to 17 kg.

In the interior, the decor strips, the front and rear center console including ashtray and the interior light are also made of the precious carbon material. Passenger seats are trimmed with black leather and white logo stitching.


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