new 2013 Lexus GS

The all- new 2013 Lexus GS range, this week has been confirmed by Lexus to make its global debut due at Pebble Beach Concours d�Elegance in California next August.

This 2013 Lexus has been built in GS 350 specification which is managed to have its design based on the brutish LF-Gh concept appeared at New York Auto Show this past April.

The latest lexus also will employ a �distinctive� grille design which represents the upcoming generation of Lexus models. According to Lexus, the GS 350 will offer a more defined and emotional design philosophy in sedan styling. Mark Templin who is the boss of Lexus added that the latest Lexus will definitely meet the needs of their customers who have waited GS for a long time. The company will hold a press event in the US this week to announce the engine and other interior details of GS.

A range of exclusive six-cylinder engines which is an upgraded version of the previous 3.5 liter engine will empower the GS, producing increased output and improved fuel consumption. This flagship of Lexus will appear in sportier design along with the normal handling upgrades. The engine of the GS will be paired to a six- speed automatic transmission shifting the seven- and eight-speed options of its competitors. Lexus also stated that the high- powered hybrid GS hybrid will make its performance at September�s Frankfurt Motor Show.


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