Buick GNX

CARBARN | Buick GNX | This car we usually encounter in the action movie heroes are often used to eradicate the criminals, because the cars that have a very male form is so is suited to the soul of a hero, want to know? The following report The first GNX model was introduced in 1987 with a base price of $29,900. It was developed by ASC/ McLaren performance technologies.


The model has come out with many revisions as compared with the older versions including a new special T-3 turbo-charge engine, and a special GNX EEPROM along with many performance modifications. The main styling seen on the outside of the model were vents on each front-fender, 16-inch black mesh styled wheels, and lastly fender emblems and hood, which were later deleted. The main interior features included an instrumental panel with advanced analog-turbo boost gauge, and serial number inclusion on the dash plate.


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