2011 Honda CR-Z


The 2011 CR-Z Hybrid Honda in third place, joining the compact Civic Hybrid and Insight, the two seats five. Despite having only two seats, the small CR-Z has the lowest mileage of the three gases. The penetration of the first generation, sold from 2000-06, is a utility for two, but the CR-Z is intended to be sportier, both in appearance and driving experience.

Two levels of output are the basis for the CR-Z and feature-loaded to the CR-Z EX.


The CR-Z is reasonably faithful to the concept car of the same name that hit the auto show circuit in 2007, but less dramatic curves. Inspired by the two-seat CRX sold in 1990 and '91, the spirit of the CR-Z and shares the design model of the division of the rear window, which remains controversial in terms of style and driver visibility in the Insight and Toyota Prius.

A 160 cm long, the CR-Z a few inches longer than a Mazda MX-5 Miata and expanded version of the Mini Cooper, the Clubman, and it is almost exactly between the sedan and hatchback versions of the Toyota Yaris subcompact.


The decor is busy, but efficient design reminds Insight, a driver-oriented cockpit-style controls and displays. Even the ventilation controls are in pods near the driver, there is no traditional control panel, center stack, which defines the optional navigation system in the center. Cloth seats are spacious, and the steering wheel tilts and telescopes as well.

Standard features include, but are not limited to, windows and door locks, remote keyless entry, automatic climate control, single zone, cruise control and a CD stereo with USB audio interface. The adjustment EX adds xenon headlights, fog lights, stereo top quality with subwoofer, Bluetooth connectivity, leather steering wheel and a center storage console. The navigation is optional only on the EX.

Storage boxes behind the seats separated from the bulkhead of the boot, which can be folded forward to expand cargo door on the floor - similar to fold the seat back. Armrest is available.

Under the hood

Like other hybrid Honda CR-Z uses a relatively simple system that puts an electric motor in combination with a gas engine, in this case a 1.5-liter four-cylinder. Although the engine off when the vehicle is stopped, is always running when the vehicle is in motion. The engine and engine combine to produce 122 horsepower, 24 horsepower more than the Insight is.

Front-wheel drive CR-Z hybrid is now alone in the year to offer a manual and automatic transmission of a file. The six-speed stick is standard, a continuously variable automatic transmission is optional and includes steering wheel shift paddles step manual transmission feel. The manual transmission provides lower mileage, but at 33 mpg city / highway driving. The CVT transmission has an EPA estimated 37 mpg.

To meet the needs of the driver, CR-Z modes Sport, Normal and Econ. Econ maximizes fuel economy, while the sport is more responsive acceleration and reduces the power steering for a sportier feel.


With air bags are front seat-mounted side airbags and side curtains. Also standard are active head restraints, antilock four-wheel disc brakes and an electronic stability system with traction control.


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