2013 Ford Taurus SHO

2013 Ford Taurus SHO

The 2013 Taurus SHO will continue to produce 365 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque from its 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6. Sure, that's still plenty of oomph for the SHO, but with rumors of a higher-output version now dashed, all we can say is, "shucks."Let's not dwell on that, though. There are still plenty of improvements for the 2013 SHO to talk about.

Much like the rest of the refreshed Taurus line, the SHO features styling tweaks at both the front and rear. Unlike the base model, the SHO uses a unique mesh grille pattern up front and adds a new rear spoiler out back, as well as chrome-tipped dual exhaust pipes. A new 20-inch dark wheel option is also part of the SHO package, matching the black finish found on the mirrors and body trim. We like what we see.

There may not be a bump in power, but the 2013 Taurus SHO does get a new performance package option that is said to improve the car's performance prowess. Most notably, a 3.16:1 final drive ratio means initial acceleration is enhanced, and revised suspension tuning features new dampers and springs specific to this package. Additionally, the electronic steering system has been tuned, the stability control now has a track mode with a true 'off' setting and performance brake pads are now available with unique, "track-tuned" calipers. Still, we'd love to see an additional 40-ish horsepower.


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