2011 Subaru XV

2011 Subaru XV

Subaru�s design concept car that defines a new generation of crossover vehicle, called XV. The key design concept is �Protren�. This word was coined from �Professional tool� and �Trendy design�. It expresses the integration of �authentic functionality as a professional tool� and �urban and stylish design�.

To better embody the �Protren� theme, the wheel arch cladding offers the image of functionality, playful touch and driving excitement, which is further enhanced with the black metallic highlights.

The exterior of the vehicle is splashed in riveting �Electro Yellowgreen�, resulting in a gleaming tinge seemingly emanating from beneath the matte finish. The color embodies electrifying performance, and above all excitement, to round off a tasteful, and at times potent, package.


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