2011 Maybach 57 Royal Wedding

Here are the new generation of cars that consume the Maybach is a car warns a wedding ceremony. primary color, which surrounds this car makes the car Maybach Type 57 are sought. Project Kahn Maybach 57 is equipped with a 4 SAR �license plate that says:� His Royal Highness. � Maybach has announced only the

 tone of pearls and has 22 inch wheels and rear lights smoked Kahn RS. Project Kahn is the bandwagon jumping the shark around the king�s marriage, which is unique to tune in honor of Prince William and Kate Middleton huge 29 days in April. Interior, which can be encrypted curious eyes, the Pentagon Privacy Glass gains exclusive offer, which was quite a lot �of material, including golf umbrella lightweight carbon-fiber arm, and Kahn, a key ring
Project Kahn understand that indicate travel products and employs a conversion that we are doing this luxury car is nothing much, much more fashionable approach to travel, �says Afzal Kahn, head of the company. �Four SAR deserves a plate fit for a car like the Maybach 57 and Project Kahn is proud to be an English designer who wants to be our way around the royal couple very happy with them for years,� he adds Kahn has not revealed his intentions regarding the car that is being

 circulated within the company headquarters in Bradford. �You do not have that knowledge, Project Kahn,

 Maybach 57, with another using the plate number four SAR possibly other hand, produces a grand entrance to London very soon,� says the launch has suggested in the reality of the car can really make a look at the royal wedding


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