2012 Lexus LFA � Pricey

Seeing the price of the 2012 Lexus LFA is the only thing we can say is that the car will be better just amazing to get some customers in the market, or be a disaster. The reason I say so because the 2012 Lexus LFA enter the exotic sports car segment of the international automotive market, which is the segment that has nothing but the best car manufacturers are offering worldwide. So given that the Lexus LFA will rival brand models that have decades of experience in the decision of exotic cars, unless the ALF is pretty amazing, there is no possibility the buyer should only spend hard earned money in it.

And yes, the 2012 Lexus LFA is pretty amazing. We were extremely pleased that the Lexus is not pretending to prepare an exotic sports car, 2012 Lexus LFA is truly one of the last sports car ever come to market. LFA has everything it takes to be an exotic sports car, the body structure and chassis, the car has been translated in the company, a very light material, and this is the case in other parts of the car including body panels, seats, steering wheel, and many others. This explanation of the sky sharply and the price of the Lexus of its light weight is 3263 pounds.

Weight reduction, the car automatically enhances the potential acceleration of the 4.8 liters V10 engine car. 4.8-liter V10 in the car derived from the old car race in Formula One, Toyota, and the engine produces a maximum power of 552hp and maximum torque of 354 pounds of extreme Nm. So you could say the LFA and self brutally effective.

So to summarize the Lexus LFA 2012, we would say that the Lexus LFA 2012 certainly has the potential to paralyze you, and sometimes it can even make small Ferrari. Although the price of the car is still the main obstacle to the car, and there is just no solution to this problem. That's why you think (and we agree), why should I go for LFA when there are models like the Audi R8, Ferrari 599, Aston Martin DBS, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 458 Italia AMG Mercedes-Benz SLS McLaren MP4-12C, Porsche 911 Turbo and Nissan GT-R. If you plan to consider in 2012 Lexus LFA, then you should think of alternatives available to you.

What's New ?

The 2012 Lexus LFA could now be bought; it was lease only last year.

Body and Feartures

2012 Lexus LFA comes in one trim level and body style of a two-seat sports car exotic. Standard features include the Lexus LFA 20 in alloy wheels, Alcantara or leather, faux suede upholstery, carbon-ceramic brakes, summer tires, heated seats 8-way power, dual-zone automatic climate control , xenon headlights with washers, Bluetooth, an 12 - speaker audio system with 6-CD/DVD changer, an iPod / USB audio interface and additional audio jack and a tilt and telescopic steering wheel.

There are some optional packages available in the car and, as the configuration 2 packages, these packages for you to devices such as rear camera, Mark Levinson premium audio system and navigation system. There is also a "Configuration 3" package that get these items including emergency Lexus Enform electronic, real-time weather and traffic information and voice commands. There are also a number of special order the color scheme of the interior and exterior paint available in the car.

There is also a limited edition 2012 Lexus LFA in the form of fifty disadvantaged areas that are offered with the package Nurburgring, which includes fixed-wing back, the suspension ready for the track, a huge front spoiler, unique wheels, a change faster over time, the tire track and 10-hp bump.

Under the Hood

Lexus LFA front engine power of 4.8-liter V10 that produces 552 hp and screaming 9000 rpm and maximum torque of 354 lb-ft. Power and torque is transmitted by a clutch 6-speed automated manual, which has four driving modes (sports, cars, wet and normal).

Sprint, the estimated time of the car is 3.6 seconds 0-60 mph, which is certainly impressive, but is slightly slower than the McLaren MP4-12C, Ferrari 458, and exponentially favorable than the Nissan GT-R. Despite this, the LFA is very fast in terms of 0-60 times, compared to many other cars on the market.


2012 Lexus LFA comes with stability and traction control and antilock brakes carbon-ceramic. Some other safety features the car has air bags seat belts for the seats and knee airbags for the driver.


The 2012 Lexus LFA is the latest offering of exotic sports cars from Lexus, and I must say that is one of the best to enter the market. The car is able to offer excellent performance and comes with a lot of equipment and technology. But considering the price of the car, be interesting to see how many customers can take the car market.


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