Citro�n DS4

CARBARN | New Citroen DS4 | This car is named for cars creative,  why? because the car was created from the work of creative people as well, in which there are nice facilities, beautiful shape, color and others. therefore this is the creative result of car citroen producers, want to know? The following report a2012 Citroen DS4 Specs, Picture, Unique Styling � Citroen has released the first details for the new Citroen DS4, unique and exciting mix of creativity, dynamism, flexibility and exclusivity. DS4 is the second model in-line style of the Citro�n DS. Citro�n DS4 bring mix of code design award and the bold approach automotive styling, with particular emphasis on driving pleasure and advanced vehicle architecture. DS4 is a model with a lot of talent, it�s easy to meet the diverse needs of owners, while improving the attractiveness and vitality of the automotive industry.

Citro�n DS4 combines sophistication and repairs coupe body with a dynamic flexibility, creates huge and practicality of each day in a compact design � 4.27m (l), 1.81m (w) and 1.53m (h). Citro�n DS4 provides new in-wheel �experience with unparalleled driving experience and exceptional handling on the road. With an attitude just got up and stretched lines, Citro�n DS4 is another unique and captivating for the segment. Thin created to convey a prestigious presence both inside and outside, Citro�n DS4 precise detailing of the gentle touch of chromium applied to the premium cabin materials � as the best quality leather. A panoramic glass, offering passengers greater visibility, illuminated cockpit driver-focused, creating a bright and welcoming. The combination of elegant 2 +2 coupe with the convenience of door Citro�n DS4 has three full-sized rear seats, accessible from the rear door handles hidden that perfectly integrated in the flow lines of the body. Citro�n DS4 also benefit from the boot area of ??370 liters and a series of intelligent storage solutions. Citro�n DS4 comes with a choice of five engines smooth and efficient � two HDi diesel and three petrol engines. All engines offer a powerful combination of performance � including the new Citroen 200 hp gasoline � Automotive and ecologically sensitive. new programs such as e-HDi Citro�n offers greater fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. Citro�n DS4 will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show 2010 and is expected to go on sale later in 2011.

Unique Styling

Examples of truly creative design, Citro�n DS4 bold style blend mixture of reference should be to create a new automotive interesting proposition. Marc Pinson, DS4 chief designer, said: �Interpretation of ideas re-opens new possibilities, bringing practical solutions and a surprise for automobile mobility.� Compact and muscular, DS signature on the bonnet are equipped with signature flashy LED lights around the front fog lamps. The LEDs are lit day and night. Profile of eye-catching, with a waistline of chrome around the windows so dark, with enhanced arch muscles � which focused on the large wheels (up to 19 �) � and crowned by a line drawn with a spoiler aims to add vitality to the roof to the bottom of the rear bumper. finished in chrome and horizontal details to boomerang back light clusters highlight their innovative design.

Adjusted AFFAIRS

As for the exterior of prestige, power forward cabin Citro�n DS4, dynamics and subtle. That wrap around the driving position, with chrome-surround calls focused directly toward the driver�s eye-line. Dashboard, characteristic sculptures also use high quality materials for a better tactile sensation. DS4 cabin is dominated by a large windshield that extends to the panoramic roof line. Offering up to 45 � of vision upwards, panoramic glass surfaces merge with the attitude Citro�n DS4 is slightly raised, is optimized to provide visibility for the driver, with an intimate setting that is bright, spacious cabin for passengers. Allowing owners to customize the interiors, DS4 is available with a choice of five combinations of skin, including two-tone option. Top of the range model is also equipped with high quality leather on the dashboard and door panels � complete design �bracelet� on a chair, evoking a watch band link. For an extra touch of luxury, there are chrome detailing on the outside air vents, instrument panel, gear lever and the center console. aluminum pedals, door handles and embossed leather in the lighting environment is further evidence of attention to detail Citro�n DS4 prize.

Agile and dynamic nature

With the position taken by high-set, tight and nimble, Citro�n DS4 is set for dynamic performance, appeals to drivers looking for exciting driving experience. �We really want drivers feel like they have at hand the way,� said Jeremie Maestracci, project manager of DS4.


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