Mazda BT-50

The Japanese automaker today unveiled its new generation 2011 Mazda BT-50 at the Australian International Auto Show in Sydney. The new 2011 Mazda BT-50 was developed with the subject vehicle active lifestyle in mind and offering a refined and expressive style and a high-quality interior. The front and the 2011 Mazda

 BT-50 features �family guy� brand with a five-point grille and headlights boomerang-shaped. The back of the 2011 Mazda BT-50 shows horizontally stretched back that aim to offer the pick-up look at a premium SUV.
The current BT-50 is Mazda`s only offering in the utility segment. It is an established one-tonne utility that has won numerous awards and gained a strong following all over the world. In developing the new model, Mazda

 intended to expand its appeal to customers who lead active lifestyles and have needs that cannot be met by conventional utilities. It offers all the functionality required for business use combined with passenger car-like comfort for family use; and for active customers in Australia and Europe, it is the perfect answer for all kinds of outdoor leisure activities. In this way, the new BT-50 has been developed to fulfill the varied requirements of customers in every market.

To ensure all these aims were met, the all-new BT-50 was developed under the theme "Active lifestyle vehicle." The result is a utility that offers unique value; it has refined and expressive styling; a comfortable, high quality interior; a smooth ride with the feel of a passenger car; sporty and responsive driving dynamics that reflect Mazda`s DNA; and outstanding environmental and safety performance
As Ryo Yanagisawa, chief designer of the all-new BT-50, explains: "Mazda`s brand message is Zoom-Zoom, which refers to the emotion of motion first experienced as a child. With the All-New BT-50, we aimed to express this emotion through the design, and we drew a lot of inspiration from various "movements" in the world around us. For example, we had a photograph of a lion. He looked like a magnificent predator with his

 muscles all bunching up as though he was about to pounce on his prey. His sinews were stretched taut ready to strike, and his mane framed a sharp, masculine countenance that seemed to say, ? am the proud king of the beasts!` In profile, that lion appeared to be both intelligent and powerful. I really wanted the design of the truck to project that kind of image. This kind of inspiration was the basis of the emotional design that we worked so hard to achieve with the all-new BT-50.


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