Mercedes-Benz SLS - MAE Design GmbH spec and review

Mercedes-Benz SLS - MAE Design GmbH
The Mercedes Benz SLS features a revised engine with new magnesium intake and eight individual velocity stacks. The intake is fed by two electronically controlled throttle plates, giving this monster of a Mercedes a whopping 563 horsepower. For years MAE has been considered one of the most sought after brands for Mercedes Benz wheels. After the company experienced internal conflict it has now returned under new management. Along with new management comes a revision in high quality wheel designs. The company offers a huge selection of wheel in many different styles. Pictured here is the �Crownia� wheel rim, with 11.5 x 20 inch fronts and 12.5 x 20 inch rears. These tires are wrapped in fine Michelin rubber, size 285/25 and 305/25. MAE also offers several different lowering options for air suspension bodies that can be conveniently adjusted from the steering wheel. MAE also specializes in high performance exhausts, and will be releasing a new body kit for the CL 500 shortly.

[Source: MAE Design]


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