Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi ASX
CARBARN | Mitsubishi ASX | stylish family car that is very special by the manufacturer Mitsubishi to serve and enhance people's needs, so you might want to create a family this is one solution. The following report

Mitsubishi ASX

Be in no doubt: buyers are snapping up the crossovers chiefly for the way they look. The ASX will appeal to you if Mitsubishi's nose does, but driving a swollen Lancer isn't our idea of urban chic.


The ASX delivers a fairly anonymous experience from behind the wheel. The car doesn't emulate a hatchback's handling as well as some of its competitors, but it is competent nonetheless.
Mitsubishi ASX

We'll have to wait to drive the car in the UK to provide a definitive answer, but over smooth German roads the ASX's ride seemed reasonably well judged. Only the jolt from a very occasional pothole suggested there might be issues when the car crosses the channel.
Mitsubishi ASX

Expect the Mitsubishi to robustly deal with the daily abuse an average family will mete out, but don't expect it to look particularly good doing it. The interior is awash in plastic, and even though it's been moulded into the brand's current styling arrangement, some of its competitors do a better job of hiding their budget limitations.

Mitsubishi ASX

In return for its genuinely pokey performance, most buyers will probably accept the 1.8 DiD's lack of refinement. The 1.6-litre petrol engine isn't too far behind, but it does have to struggle by with half of the diesel's torque output.
Mitsubishi ASX

Like most crossovers, this is the ASX's trump card. Its comparatively long wheelbase and SUV roofline means it feels particularly spacious - perhaps even more so than its arch enemy, the Qashqai. The Mitsubishi should swallow an average family whole.


You'll need to select the highest trim level if you want a sat-nav as standard, but if you do you'll get also get a Kenwood system thrown in, which should be a decent step up from Mitsubishi's mediocre standard unit.
Mitsubishi ASX

Neither engine should be particularly expensive to run. Mitsubishi claims the petrol will return 47mpg and the diesel 51mpg. The latter produces 145g/km CO2 placing it in VED band F, while the slightly cleaner petrol makes it into band E with 138g/km.


Mitsubishi has priced the ASX to compete. Again the Qashqai is the benchmark, and the manufacturer has ensured that it enters the market with a lower price tag. However, buyers will need to be convinced by the ASX's higher performance as the 1.5dCI is cheaper than Mitsubishi's new diesel.
Mitsubishi ASX

Both the ASX's engines benefit from the addition of Mitsubishi's environmental package known as ClearTec. This includes automatic stop  go, electric power steering, regenerative braking system and low rolling resistance tyres.


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