Volkswagen Polo

Drivers are looking for a fashionable city car look no further. Volkswagen Polo seems to all appearances, high-quality interior, plenty of space and reasonable prices. If you belong to one of the driving experience, which is not only funny as some of its supermini rivals. Economy in all versions are good, but not more fuel efficient BlueMotion is the flagship - has managed 80.7 miles per gallon of diesel. It 'looks decreased Golf and plenty of space you might want to try the Pole before opting for the course - unless you regularly carry four passengers, there really is not much to choose between them.


Small engines are not entry-level control to give a yield of Polo at the height of his great feeling car. The best gas engine is the 1.2 TSI turbocharged 104bhp, which offers decent pace and a great economy. Diesel engines are smooth, but not all the muscles you expect - at least the drivers are offered an excellent economy. With the suspension adjusted to smooth out the bumps and the direction of light, the Polo is a car without effort, even if Ford Fiesta offers a clearer view, a more exciting driving experience.


The comfort is excellent, with plenty of space front and rear - allowing four adults to stretch more than it could rival. The entry-level, three-cylinder diesel rough sometimes erode the contrast low noise, but overall, the Polo offers a more relaxed driving environment.


The new Polo has not existed long enough to register on one of customer satisfaction surveys, but if golf is recent strong displays in the satisfaction that the power to lead and JD Power is anything to go by, Polo should be fine. The Polo scored an impressive five stars in Euro NCAP crash test


Both three and five-door models offer a space almost the same inside, even if access to the rear seat is a bit tricky in the three-door. The boot is large and access to good, while a false floor hiding extra depth and offers secure storage. A large glove box and charges docking end of the series in the cab means you'll never run out of places to lose things!

Value for money

No other supermini feel so sophisticated, but is not reflected in the price list. With a wide range of products offered, entry-level run-around flagship GTI, Polo did not, for all budgets. For a well-equipped car, then Fashion / C, trim level, which adds alloy wheels, electric windows all round, MP3-compatible stereo and air conditioning. Input Level D offers just the basics.

Running costs

Fixed maintenance costs Pole three years is not going to bankrupt dealers. And do not hit you hard to pump, especially if you went to a super-frugal BlueMotion model. As for VW, is popular with buyers used, which means it will retain its value better than other city cars

+ PLUS :

* Excellent build quality and VW�s image

* Spacious interior

* Incredible economy from BlueMotion model


* Noisy, underpowered entry-level engines

* Rivals are more fun to drive

* Standard equipment is poor on base models


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