2012 Scion iQ

Moped car have always insisted that you make concessions to the absurd. Most of them seem to be a circus clown car or get it to behave like a circus clown. Generally, they are pitifully small and slow. And there was always something derogatory term for them is going through the windshield clamshell phone for entry or curled up next to the adjacent halves. Although it may be the perfect collection of microbes, or to read microfiche, motorcycle car have traditionally been impractical. But what if you could design one to behave like a real car? Then you should Scion iQ.

Often the only climb in the cockpit iQ is convinced that this is not looking for the opportunity to be different. But the wide doorways, low thresholds and anatomical seat to dispel the doubts you may have about convenience and comfort.

Once started, the first positive reaction iQ continue if the gains speed quickly and quietly. A width of 53 inches from the cockpit is enough for the iQ feel like a compact sedan. Due to its 10 meter length is 18 inches longer than the smart car, it also has enough storage space behind you to help the IQ of a car at the weekend for a couple realistic. Of course, the use of the 16.7 cubic feet of space forces the rear seats fold flat. If not, limited internal storage, only 3.5 cubic feet.

While the bills as a Scion iQ 3 +1, which will never be more than 3 adults in the car at that time. The passenger seat is actually located in front of the driver's seat to make room for the rear passenger's legs, enough to sneak in the back. The "a" Addendum to be an animal, an infant or an elf.

If the car is only 94 bhp available, the iQ is very mischievous. In a straight line acceleration, Scion seems faster than the Fiat 500 or the Chevy Volt, in particular, 0-30 mph in either direction from the General. The reason for the iQ charging start-up is exceptionally low curb weight is 2127 pounds. A couple of fly-weights of the body structure is the multiplication of the instantaneous torque continuously variable transmission provided by the iQ, and you have the perfect formula for a strong gas. Since the constraints of packaging, manual transmission is offered to the Scion, but the CVT does not manumatic action game, you can afford the choice of engine speed ranges. Top speed is 100 mph iQ.

With a car that weighs just over one tonne, the iQ is a flyweight boxing in a ring full of trucks. Therefore, Scion has 11 airbags stuffed in this tiny module to allay fears about the survival of an accident. In fact, even the trunk lid has the airbag first time there.

Often overlooked part of the credit collapse of the ability of the vehicle to avoid a first. Here, the iQ is bright thanks to a clear go-kart handling. Very telling statistic here is the iQ a radius of 12.7 meters big break. Although most of the compact sedans to make a good turnaround within the normal two-lane road, the iQ could be a couple of them in the same state.

At one point during my test drive, I found a small diameter traffic roundabout. The Scion was so anxious to temper all the obstacle that I managed to turn the island warm up three times without a single correction to the fat, red stitched leather steering wheel.

Scion iQ to prove that the cars moped does not need to be a slow, disruptive or impractical. 2012 iQ goes on sale in 7 different colors $ 15,995 in California, Washington, Oregon and Arizona October 1, 2011. Sales outside the United States later.

ENGINE: 1.3 liter DOHC inline 4 with VVT-I
HORSEPOWER: 94hp at 6000rpm
TORQUE: 89 lb.-ft, at 4400rpm


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