2012 Volkswagen Eos Lux

The last time I even thought of a convertible VW was drooling over high school cheerleader hot blonde with a white rabbit based on a '87 convertible with soft top correspondents. So when my editor called the Eos was in conflict. It brings back some fun memories high school, but I also had to decide whether I was man enough to drive a car chick. I'm glad I said yes. The Eos is the top end of the range VW convertible, mezzanine, starting with the top New Beetle soft and the forthcoming Euro-only (for now) 2012 Golf Cabrio Convertible Top. The new VW Eos Lux was fun to drive with the top up or down. Usually, the model of mid-cycle refresh is focused primarily on the guts, with minor updates only outside, but the 2012 VW Eos has received a facelift quite large, and it is better for her. No more rounded headlights with chrome grille with vertical taillights stretched round match, and companies are new VW see both front and rear.

The new design is more sophisticated and less fun than the original EOS. 2.0 turbo four mated to carry more than 6-speed automatic Tiptronic and Sport mode.

Driving Impressions
Frankly, I was not enthusiastic about driving in Eos. Playing with the folding hardtop, yes, but driving FWD 4-banger was not as attractive to me. But I was pleasantly surprised. Remove the shifter in sport mode and floor the accelerator and you'll be redlining in a short time and take off. Yes, I have been burning rubber on the line in this sub-compact four-cylinder Eos FWD.

The turbo allows, but 207 pounds-feet of torque at 5,000 rpm to 1,800 that makes driving fun Eos. The HP 200 is 5100 RPM and passing cars on the road was a breeze. For its size, the Eos is quite heavy, with its hard parts of the hood 5, and 00 to 60 were fixed in 7.3 seconds. But it feels faster than that. Torque is a typical problem of high-powered FWD cars, but not too noticeable in the Eos. I guess that's not exactly qualify as "great power". But hey, you do not buy the Eos for performance. There are many other peaks decreased performance, as the Nissan 370Z or BMW Z4.

Driving with the Eos hardtop lowered it was fun. Yes, it messes up your hair and, well, rear passengers lots of wind in your face, but it is not so common these days can be divided into a convertible loan to drive, with three other passengers. I was actually able to fit the child seat (after half an hour and a lot of swear words), and took my son for a ride. He does not like as much as me (too windy), but I can not do it, Z4. Eos is also unique in the sunroof option, which is great and you can tilt or open the car simply as a hardtop.

In 2012, the Eos is a significant improvement on the car first generation in terms of external appearance. As I mentioned in the intro, the front end is much more sophisticated on the new VW grille range of businesses such as golf and projector units. The original rounded headlights with chrome plated face always bothered me. Too cute. The squared-off lights in the back are also much more expensive than the previous round units. Other than that, the overall proportions and form of the Eos will remain the same.

Lack of B-pillar is ideal for visibility and gives the Eos a clean profile with the top. I hope that the proportions were better prepared, but the Eos is a little too short, especially with the sloping rear window that looks like it fast to move in the greenhouse. FWD architecture means a long overhang of the front axle is sitting well aft of the engine. Volvo C70 hardtop convertible also has a long overhang, but the longer length and wheelbase Volvo C70 gives a much better with the hood. The Eos is certainly more attractive with the top down.

Interior Comfort and Ergonomics
The interior of 2012 Eos is refined and the quality of materials is what one would expect from a $ 39k car. There are leather on most surfaces with metallic button accents driver in all the right places. Lux Executive and moldings also come with walnut on the dashboard, doors and center console. I do not even know what bramble means but it seems expensive. 12-adjustable front seats with lumbar support 4-finish is also available and Lux ??Executive.

Steering wheel controls are not too big a mess and give the driver a reasonable amount of telephony, audio, cruise control, menu options, and the device touch screen NAV / audio in the center console is intuitive and easy to reach. New VW interior feels rich, but not decadent, if anything makes sense. When the internal folding hard roof is fairly quiet, one can hardly say that this car must be replaced. Installation of the roof is sound. The visibility of the sides is fantastic thanks to the lack of B pillars

Base shear Eos Komfort starts just under $ 34k, and top-of-the-range executive begins to cut a little 'more than $ 39k. Beautifully equipped tester was a mid-level trim, and Lux, MSRPs TAD of more than $ 38k with destination. His closest competitors are probably the Saab 9-3 Convertible Volvo C70 hardtop convertible and folding, both of which are more expensive. Eos is the lowest starting price for the three and is very competitive, even at the executive level trim. The Volvo C70 has a turbocharged five-cylinder that produces 27 horsepower more, but starts at $ 39k. The 9-3 is also a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo, but it's a little 'bit slower than the Eos, and starts just under $ 40k for the guides, and more than $ 41k or car. And it is only a soft fold.

Drop-Top Cars are Fun
In 2012, Volkswagen Eos is a great little four-seater convertible. The folding hardtop is fun to watch and reminds me of Transformers. Its unique roof that opens make a nice car, even when it is not out so hot. I even had fun driving the front wheel drive with a 4 cylinder 2.0. On top of that it is a good deal when compared to Volvo and Saab. So what if the proportions are a little awkward with the top, you would not see that since you have the pleasure of cruising the boulevard. And with the top down, you would be too busy smiling with wind in your hair. The VW Eos is a great improvement over the white convertible led the cheerleader in high school, but boy I miss seeing her go with friends from other cheerleader standing on the rear hold the basket signature handle bar reversal.

+ Plus :
* Surprisingly fast acceleration
* Revised styling is more sophisticated
* Refined interior & build quality

- Minus
* Proportions are a bit awkward with the top up
* Automatic hardtop takes patience
* Small trunk space


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