Peugeot 5008 MPV

Compared to the Peugeot people are bearers of the old, 5008 is an absolute revolution. The interior is well thought out and offers plenty of space and practicality, but the 5008 is a good run at the same time. Peugeot has clearly improved the quality of the cottage, and the 5008 feels like a well-built. On the way, comfort is impressive, and automobiles, 5008 is promising. Peugeot has a serious competitor Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, but it is also good enough to take the drivers behind the wheel of favorites, like the Ford S-MAX

The base engine of one liter of petrol 118bhp 1.6 is best left alone, but the 1.6 liter THP turbo petrol 156bhp EST fast with a sweetness. As usual, the HDi turbodiesel is rated Best ERP. Peugeot Also an accomplished fact of the UN Good diesel, 108bhp and 1.6-liter version for the EST Most Powerful enough to run a little expensive too. All diesel engines are a Smooth punchy, but versions of the 2.0-liter, 148bhp and 161bhp respectively with, are still easy to drive any more. The management is very well calibrated conciseness to a big people carrier. Dynamic Roll Control Is A electronic device that comes the stability of a standard on some models The 5008 race feeling more stable Turn The IN reduced a roll.

The base 1.6-liter, 118bhp petrol engine is best left alone, but the 1.6 THP petrol turbo with 156bhp is fast and smooth. As usual HDi turbodiesel, the best bet. Peugeot has always been a good diesel engine and 108bhp 1.6-liter version is powerful enough for most and cheap to run as. All diesel engines are smooth and punchy, but the 2.0-liter 148bhp and 161bhp respectively, are even easier to drive. The steering is well weighted and precise to a carrier of adults. Dynamic Roll Control is an electronic stability that comes standard on some models and makes 5008 feel more stable when cornering by reducing body roll.

A five-star Euro NCAP is generally very impressive, and the 5008 comes with six airbags and electronic stability control. Deadlocks, marked parts and an integrated stereo all the rooms, to increase security. Reliability is difficult to measure, since 5008 is still fairly new. If you go past Peugeot's reputation for reliability, then you might be worried - they finished 24 of 27 manufacturers in the category of the satisfaction survey 2010 JD Power and Peugeot were not recognized before sustainability. However, the 5008 is very well built and it seems that Peugeot has turned a corner in this area

The 5008 offers 512 liters of luggage space, without the last two seats in place. Fold all the flat - which is very easy to do - and you look at the gargantuan 1,604 liters. There is a storage space under the floor of the second row of seats and a deep storage area under the center console, too.

Value for Money
Prices are fairly cheap, but the equipment is relatively simple entry-level models. Active specific machines are equipped with air conditioning, stability control, electronic parking brake, CD stereo system and energy saving tires. Sport models feature storage, cruise control, front and rear spoilers. Exclusive models high flying more goodies such as a panoramic glass roof, alloy 17-inch wheels, automatic climate control, Head-Up Display - which projects the speed and direction of the windshield opposite the driver's navigation system - and automatic headlights and wipers, among other things,

The Peugeot is a large comfortable minivan on the market. All engines are smooth and very little noise in the cabin. The suspension is characterized by comfort and the 5008 is only open in most bumpy roads. There are more than enough room for all passengers who travel long distances in comfort, but the rear seats are best suited for young children and adolescents.

Running Costs
Diesel models are cheap to run and offers 41mpg and 55mpg between, depending on model. Petrol versions are more expensive and return 38mpg and 39mpg. Insurance groups start at 12 and head 22, which is not bad at all.

+ Plus :
* Comfortable to drive
* Excellent diesel engines
* Practical and well built interior

- Minus :
* Equipment levels of entry are not so generous
* Peugeot's reputation for poor reliability
* The rear seats are best suited for children and young


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