Toyota Yaris

The Yaris is a very competent small car that both versatile and reliable. A choice of three body styles and five doors, the highest reliability and the interior is spacious and practical. There is a choice of three engines, all of which are very cheap to run. This is not the cheapest car to buy small, but the Toyota Yaris is a good all-rounder.

If you plan to use the Yaris for highway or road trips regularly, while 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine probably not for you. It only provides 68bhp and a slow acceleration. The most recent gasoline engine 1.33 liter is much stronger - it has 100 hp and is better suited for a car of this size. The 89bhp 1.4 liter diesel is the fastest of all and is extremely cheap to run. Do not expect to be excited by the Yaris, in any form, however, that the light control is easy to use, but will not appeal to fans of driving.

Previous Yaris is not known for comfort, but Toyota made a big effort to improve the current car. There is no more space in every direction, and front seat passengers and the floor flat in the back offers space for the legs. Suspension Toyota can still be a little 'nervous though - it bounces over bumps and rough roads, especially when it has large wheels.

Do not let the horror stories to scare others, such as the Toyota Yaris is well known for excellent reliability. The company now offers a five-year/100 0.000 miles warranty fully insure their customers. The interior is well screwed together, although part of the dashboard plastics look pretty cheap.

It's small, but the Yaris has a handy inside. The sliding rear bench seat is very flexible - you can drag it back to change the prejudices between the start space and legroom in the rear. With the rear seats upright and pushed as you go, there are still 257 liters of luggage available. Most of its city rival Toyota is easy to improve, but the slide fully forward and a huge 640 liters is released. The rear seats completely flat, even, creating a very useful tool chamber 737 liters

Value for Money
Unfortunately, the Yaris has a list price slightly higher than most of its major competitors. It is expensive to buy than other small cars like the Skoda Fabia and even some versions over the Opel Astra. Resale values ??hard work for Yaris, however, and you can expect good service and strong after-sales support of Toyota dealers.

Running Costs
No Yaris is expensive to run. Both gasoline engines will cost a measly � 30 a year road tax, because they emit 118g/km and 120g/km of CO2 respectively. 1.0-liter version will return 56.5mpg on average, but the 1.33-liter engine is almost as good at 55.4mpg - which is less waste for extra power. Opt for the diesel for cars of the final budget, however. You will receive a wallet friendly 68.9mpg on average and road tax costs � 20 per year.

+ Plus:
* Improved reliability
* The engines are cheap to run
* Practical design

- Minus:
* It is not so cheap to buy competitors
* Unexciting driving experience
* Entry-level engine is slow


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