2011 Toyota Prius Rear

The best-selling hybrid on the market by a landslide was the Toyota Prius and the new 2011 Toyota Prius tries to keep the series going by the supply of advanced technology and unsurpassed fuel economy.

Power comes from a hybrid, which contains a 1.8-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and an electric motor powered by a rechargeable Ni-MH, which combines the power of 134 horses. Prius includes many high-tech tricks as part of the motor, including electric water pump, exhaust gases are collected, and the regenerative braking, all in the name of efficiency. Only the transfer of a 2-speed CVT with overdrive.

When the moment of truth for the 2011 Prius, of course, is its impressive fuel economy. Many factors contribute to the numbers of the Prius mpg notable even in a different way that is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. That clocks a massive 51 mpg city and 48 mpg on the highway, which dwarfs the numbers of their only real competitor, the Honda Insight. The Prius may be involved in three driving modes: EV, which only works on battery as much as possible, and low power consumption.

Outside, the Prius maintains the same visual cues that show the way, as the split rear window, the wedge-shaped body and distinctive blue alluding to its hybrid nature. 15-inch wheels are standard, and 17-inch wheels are optional. LED taillights in the rear are standard and use less energy than conventional bulbs.

Inside, the Prius offers surprisingly spacious seating for up to five passengers. The floating panel has a futuristic look and feel to it, lacks a traditional gear lever and opt for a digital system instead of gears. The instrument panel has been moved to the top of the dashboard, and displays essential information such as speed, battery and fuel economy.

Standard features include high quality services, including climate control, Bluetooth �, auxiliary audio jack and a button to start. Other technical innovations are optional and are voice-activated, touch-screen navigation system with dynamic control radar cruise, reversing radar and intelligence to guide your parking space by eliminating the hassle.

Prius is also a range of security technologies, including seven airbags, antilock brakes, the entire disc, traction control and electronic stability control as standard.

For exceptional fuel economy and a host of technical features premium is the 2011 Toyota Prius on the peloton.


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